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If you are here, you know the healing power of horses. Like us, you have seen how horses can transform your life, and like us you may also be looking for a deeper way of replicating that transformation for yourself and others.

Are you ready to...

  • Deepen your connection with horses and people.


  • Harness flow, rather than just hope for it.


  • Expand your career.


  • Overcome fear and repair damage after a fall or accident with a horse.

  • Work with people in a way that creates the greatest possible health and healing for both horse and client. 

During the Accessing Equanimity Intro training you will:

  • Learn how to access the transformational wisdom of horses and be supported in putting theory into practice


  • Explore and discuss the biology behind the horse-human connection and discover the scientific reasons behind a horse's natural healing capabilities.  


  • Experience unique and scientifically informed information which will provide you with new insights into yourself, your horse and your clients/relationships


  • Be empowered through daily hands-on interactions with the horses so you can actively embrace the teaching offered here.


  • Join us as we dive into a relationship with horses and rejuvenate our connection to them in our lives and hearts while learning how to work with all different ages in a comprehensive and impactful way


Let yourself experience the joy of connecting with the herd. Working with the horses in this way will increase your understanding of boundaries and community, it will heighten your creativity in your life’s work and it will provide you with a renewed sense of gratitude for yourself, your horse and your relationships.

Sample Schedule

Friday 10am - 3pm


  The Science of the Flow

Bridging research and intuition and exploring how to apply

this information with the horses.


  Regulate like a Horse

Explore the nervous system and how horses teach us how to

release stress and naturally re-balance our systems.


Saturday 10am - 3pm


Why do we do what we do?

Develop a new paradigm around pain and discomfort and discover

how vulnerability is the key to unlocking sustainable health.


Applications of Leadership and Facilitating Transformation

Learn how to partner with your horse to move beyond control and

into freedom and integrity in relationships.


Sunday 10am - 3pm


Dynamics of Trust

Enhance your awareness of the interplay between community and boundaries.

Leave empowered to face any challenge with your newfound connection to yourself,

the horses and the herd.


*Occasionally, the program runs from 4-7 on Friday and all day (9-5) Saturday and Sunday.

Insightful, empowering, accessible. This course has shifted the way I think about my role in the work I do. This is impactful regardless of your experience level.

Nyle Biondi, LPC

Eve and Heather’s training style is engaging, non-judgmental and truly inspiring. [You] get the foundation and tools to achieve balance within yourself in order to be able to use it in various relationships.

Nancy Hoopes, Senior Program Manager

IMG_8720 (2).jpg

You may be wondering if it’s possible to find a class that bridges science and spirit, heart and horses. This class is guaranteed to help you deepen your knowledge of yourself and horses. There are many offerings out there. Our training incorporates interpersonal neurobiology and the science behind the horses profound connection. For us, it is not just understanding the science or feeling the magic. Instead, it is bridging the gap between the science, the flow, action, and integrating the separateness. It is about embracing wholeness.

All this for $1097!

Are you ready to commit to you?
June 16-18th is the next training!

Over 3 days together you will receive:

community, collaboration, enlivened conversation, detailed workbook, scientifically founded research and hands-on horse time.


3 Days of  Training

You will engage in group dynamics and learn through moments of personal coaching, paired exercises, and live demonstrations. Your questions will be addressed throughout the course, and we will offer opportunities to actively embody the answers. The horses will be present during the whole course.


Community Support

Everything is easier with the support of like-minded people. You are not alone in this.
Come join our herd and connect in new ways.



It’s hard to commit to something that you don’t understand. This workbook will support your continued integration of the material after the course is complete. With this, you have the knowledge to feel confident you are implementing strategies that work.

Access the Path of the Horse

Is your Heart ready to:

  • Feel empowered in relationship(s)


  • Trust your instincts and know why you have them


  • Deeply learn and be able to embody the mind, brain and heart connection


  • Learn tools for stress, emotional overwhelm, and regulation


  • Empower yourself, your horse(s) and your clients from a deep biological level


  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and others through an exploration of our biology and internal impulses


  • Foster and build compassion and loving kindness for yourself and others as you integrate this profound information

Some programs teach you how to think about the science and tools of horsemanship in a linear way, to understand horses, relationship and transformation. Other programs focus on experientials and energy in an ambiguous way. THIS PROGRAM uses science to increase embodiment and facilitate deeper transformation.


Accessing Equanimity means accessing balance between thinking and doing so that we can be. Be your best self. Be profoundly connected with the horse. Be powerful and impactful.


Are you ready to deepen your self-trust, your instincts, explore your fears and move into relationship with empowerment, intention, and understanding with horses?   

If you know a horse, you know a healer.

Hi, my name is Heather Gunther. I came to horses late in life. As a graduate student, I was suffering. In my basement apartment, eating peanut butter and jelly and burritos, life felt dark and lonely. I sat in class with people who expected me to cry and break down, to be vulnerable and exposed - but I never felt safe enough to do that with them. Until…


I had the opportunity to work with a teacher named Jake. With him, it felt possible to come home to myself, to surrender into my experience and be held. Being held by Jake opened my heart. I cried for the first time in front of people. I let myself be seen, really seen and felt by another


...and I wanted more of that for myself and for the people I work with. More heart opening. More peace. More acceptance. More of myself.


The most profound part of the experience is that Jake is a horse.


After my time with Jake and spending 3 years with Duey Freeman (his caregiver/owner), I wanted to understand the science behind the magic I experienced with Jake and so many other horses.


But...there didn’t seem to be any options that were congruent. There are horse skills training, with a huge variety of perspectives. There are coaches trainings, but I was already a Transpersonal Counselor and had tons of training in that area.


There is nothing out there for someone like me who wants to know the science behind the changes people experience with horses so that I can apply it and replicate the magic. Or, why my facilitation of people in the herd also transforms the horses, so that every interaction with a horse can be in service to them too. 


It was out of this need, this lack, that Accessing Equanimity: the Path of the Horse came into being.

It was incredibly powerful, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it. I came into this a little stressed about the amount of time and left wanting to spend even more time delving into these topics. I know it’s a big time commitment, but it’s worth it.

Nikki Hodgson, Sustainable Business Manager

Are you ready to invest in yourself?


Embodying Equanimity

Eve Ellis

Eve dedicates herself to empowerment; empowerment of the individual, the system and the herd. She supports her clients and students in embracing their innate intelligence and in understanding their own behavior and communication patterns. While using a light touch, Eve guides her students and clients through a compassionate understanding of themselves and the bigger system. Ultimately, Eve’s students and clients gain sustainable tools for health, wellness and prosperity.

Heather Gunther

Heather is dedicated to transforming the lives of children and adults through the integration of cutting-edge science and spiritual wisdom. The founder and creator of Heal Through Play and Manes, Brains & Magic, she travels the country guiding and training people in reclaiming their wholeness through play, including with horses. A Synergetic Play Therapist + Supervisor as well as an Equine-Assisted Coach + Teacher, she is uniquely poised to facilitate deep, lasting change in children through adults.

Heather Arwen-_edited.png

Accessing Equanimity Testimonials

Hear what other people have experienced in our course:

This isn’t just for horse people or therapists, it’s for all humans and those who hear the call to live more fully. [It teaches you] how the parts of the brain, developmental stages, and brain statements can come together to foster integration.

Cait Rotkiewicz, Graduate Student

Unlearning...I loved the demos...and the brain flowchart was a very important learning for me, as well as normalizing and removing judgment about trauma and developmental ‘holes.’

Steph McBride, cLLPC

I was really inspired by the science exactly and why horses help us work through challenges to your wellbeing. It was an opportunity to learn more and dive deeper into how the nervous system works and how horses affect and regulate our systems so that we can better regulate our own and others. [This course] clarifies the process of working with the horses...A way to make therapy with the horses more effective.

Nikki Hodgson, Sustainable Business Manager

During this 3 Day Program
you will receive:
  • Dynamic personal facilitation from Heather & Eve

  • An in-depth understanding of the way the brain and nervous system work AND, how to rewire your brain and set yourself up for success


  • A training guide with step-by-step processes to transform your mind and body and access your innate health and wholeness.


  • One-of-a-kind daily experiences with horses being facilitated with the support of Heather and Eve.

Green Field

Are you ready to invest in yourself?



What You Need to Know

Do you need horse experience?

No, you can attend this course without any prior horse experience.

What is included? 

The cost of the training includes 2.5 days of classes, facilitation, access to horses during class, and your workbook. The cost does not include travel, lodging or meals.

What happens if I cannot attend my event?

If you tell us within 6 weeks of the event you can exchange your event for a different date. Due to the particular nature of these events, we cannot offer a refund.

Who is this training for?

This training is for anyone who is interested in the science of relationship and who wishes to expand their capacity for healing through time with horses.

I don’t see a location near me? 

We frequently travel. If you do not see an Accessing Equanimity training in your region, please contact us and we can discuss having an event in your area. We also offer trainings at other facilities and would be happy to host an in-service for your facility or one near you.

Ready to join your herd?

2023 Dates

No upcoming events at the moment
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